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Eventide ModFactor – Modulation Effects Stompbox

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Key Features
  • Eventide Quality Effects
  • Real-Time Control
  • Tap Tempo
  • MIDI
  • Metal Footswitches
  • Expression Pedal Input
  • Rugged Construction

Eventide has long been known for its spectacular effects processors, used on countless records and in live performances. The company has taken that experience and produced the ModFactor stompbox, featuring modulation effects geared mainly towards the guitarist, but also completely at home in any studio, professional or project.

ModFactor has two inputs and two outputs. Effects can be used as Stereo In/Stereo Out, Mono In/Stereo Out, or Mono In/Mono Out. The unit is smart enough to know what cables are connected and to automatically route the signals for a particular set up.

The unit is easy to use. Each effect has parameters that can be modified by turning any of ten control knobs. The knobs allow for setting modulation type, rate and depth, feedback, intensity and adjusting other parameters that change the sound of each effect. Additionally, certain aspects can be controlled by three footswitches.

When powered up, the ModFactor remembers what it was last doing and powers up in the same mode, running the same effect, with the same parameter values, same tempo, same system settings, etc. With power off, relays connect the unit’s inputs directly to its outputs.

Stompbox containing Eventide’s best modulation effects
Twenty-five stereo or mono modulation effects derived from ten main effects types
Forty user presets with instant access to any two presets (only one effect can be active at a time)
Tap tempo and MIDI clock sync
Mono or stereo operation
Real-time control with ten knobs
Inputs for an optional Expression Pedal and Aux Switch provides external control
Support for instrument and line level connectivity
True analog bypass
Extensive MIDI functionality
Bright, easy-to-read “Billboard Display”
Rugged cast metal construction
Software upgrades via USB


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