Guitar Lessons

Lesson $25 per hour – paid monthly or bi-monthly (plus $10 service fee for bi-monthly) with each class being an hour in length to give you enough time to get more learned, reviewed and proper technique applied in each lesson. Prices Subject to Change.

When you begin lessons at Key Note Guitar, the first step is to determine a student’s experience and knowledge regarding guitar anatomy and musical background in music theory and application. Once this is established, a student will be placed in the proper stage of guitar instruction.

There are many phases in rating the progress of every guitarist. You start out as a beginner then move to the intermediate and finally professional level. If you are a beginner, you'll start off light and learn some popular compositions. If you are more advanced than beginner status, you'll advance quickly while learning to play many new styles, phrases and popular compositions to incorporate into your playing. The beginner and intermediate levels have multiple phases.

The Beginner Guitarist

There are two phases to the beginner guitarist.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is for the absolute beginner, a person with no musical or guitar knowledge and instruction includes:

  • Anatomy of the guitar - Learn string names and number and how to find and play the notes on all 6 strings up and down the entire fretboard
  • How to tune the guitar
  • Musical alphabet - learn and read the notation for all six strings
  • Play in tempo with a metronome
  • Play four open chords  
  • Play one composition using all six strings

Phase 2

  • Learn flat picking and finger picking styles
  • Learn and play string scales while reading the notes in the staff
  • Understand staff and notation values as well as ledger lines
  • Work with string scales at three different tempos
  • Work with the natural scale in the open position at three different tempos
  • Learn to work with blues patterns including chord and lead structures
  • Play first composition at three different tempos
  • Learn a second composition
  • Interpret two voices
  • Further study on sight reading and notation
  • Study expressions in a composition
  • Introduction to learning key signatures
  • Learn a third composition
  • Continued work more voicing
  • Work on second and third composition at different tempos
  • Learn tools for composing

The Intermediate Guitarist

The intermediate level of instruction for the guitarist has four phases before the professional stage. There is not enough room here to describe the four intermediate phases in detail but below is a condensed version of what is taught.

Intermediate Phases 1 to 4 (condensed description)

The student must learn and know:

  • Major scales - Diatonic harmony, modes, leads or soloing in the major keys
  • Minor scales - Diatonic harmony, modes, leads or soloing in the minor keys
  • Blues scales
  • Harmonic minor scales, diatonic harmony
  • Jazz melodic scales
  • Diminished scales
  • Whole tone scales
  • 147 scale pattern
  • 3rd interval up patterns
  • 3rd step patterns with scales
  • 4th interval up 3 back patterns
  • 4th interval patterns with scales
  • At least 20 plus movable chords including major, dominant, minor, augmented, diminished and all the extensions, leads or soloing over chord extensions in various keys
  • Learn to be well versed in sight reading, composition, arranging and chord substitutions

This does not include every facet of the four phases but provides a brief description of the instruction for an intermediate guitarist when they enroll in the Key Note Guitar Lessons program.

The Professional Guitarist

The professional will go onto three phases and they are career or academic choices or both; professional performance, college or teaching.

I hope this gives you an idea of the depth one can go with the guitar at Key Note Guitar Lessons & Service.

If you have any further questions about your particular interest please contact us.


Lesson Styles Offered at Key Note Guitar:

LEAD GUITAR LESSONS - Learn to Play & Compose Lead Guitar for ANY music. All the necessary Scales, Theory, Styles & Technique are here at Key Note Guitar.

FINGERSTYLE/FOLK GUITAR LESSONS - You'll learn to Play & Compose using elements from Classical/Spanish fingerpicking and how to use Jazz Elements in Chord Structures, Open Tunings, Theory and more it's all here at Key Note Guitar.

ROCK GUITAR LESSONS - Learn to Play & Compose Leads that sparkle using Harmonized Chord Elements within the Scale Structure to make your leads REALLY STAND OUT. It's here at Key Note Guitar.

BLUES GUITAR LESSONS - There are many styles of blues and you can learn to Play & Compose them with the right feel. The Licks, Scales, Chords & Theory are waiting for you to make them your own at Key Note Guitar.

JAZZ GUITAR LESSONS - Jazz Elements can be applied to ANY STYLE of Music. Learn the NECESSARY Theory including Chord Extensions, Substitutions & Scales to breathe Life & Color into Your Music; it's all here at Key Note Guitar.

REMEMBER, You Get Practice Drum Metronome Rhythms on CD for a faster learning curve and better timing skills. Also you get a complete backup Band to practice with at home so You are playing Real Music and you get the OPPORTUNITY to Record what you practiced in your lesson with that Band.

Watch Videos of Lesson Styles