Music Experience

I started way back in the early 1970's plunkin' away on an acoustic guitar. After many years, I ended up in Los Angeles, Calif., where I hooked up with a professional music arranger. He taught me some basic theory so I had an understanding in the relationship of chords and scales. But he taught me more than that. It was his approach to composing that I admired; how he could take two chords and turn it into a masterpiece. He told me "think of chords as colors and you’ll be fine." That phrase stuck with me my entire musical life.

I spent the next three decades building and rebuilding my music program.

"A new student of mine that has never played a guitar before will be able to know the notes on all six strings up and down the fret board and play his/her first composition using all six strings with proper technique by the end of the third lesson."

I now have invested over $10,000 in studio and musical instruments that are used in the lesson program. From books to recordings made for students; and for students to record and have a copy CD of them playing along with a band as they progress in the lesson program.

"When you pick up the guitar and play it, for as many years as you might play, you never stop learning and you always want to be a better player."