Case Studies

Case Study 2

ESP Strat
This is another of Steve's guitars he bought used and had me do a re-fret because somebody tried to re-fret the guitar at some point and it had excessive buzzing and dead spots. Now it was in for a maintenance check up.

ESP Clean Controls
Here I'm going through and cleaning the volume and tone pots as well as the 5-way pickup selector switch I replaced a few years earlier with a Fender switch because the original was cheap and fell apart.

ESP Steel Wool
I steel wool the fretboard to get all the grime off, especially on the edge of every fret.

ESP Condition
Now it's time to protect the rosewood board. I use a special conditioner. This should be done 3 to 4 times per year. When Steve played this guitar he laughed and said that, with the fret job and the guitar freshly set up, it played better than his Fender Strat...but he still loves his strat.