Case Studies

Case Study 6

Acoustic Guitar Fractured Neck - Repair & Refinish

The owner of this Yamaha FG 345, Hugh Anthony, brought this guitar in to me for a major neck fracture after his brother fell on the guitar. It was his dad's and he wanted to pass it on to his son. I went to work examining the guitar very closely and found the finish was severely cracked and the wood on the sides and neck joint were cracked as well. When Hugh picked up this guitar in less than 30 days he was speechless. He said to his wife, "Ricki Leigh did a fantastic job! Look at how she blended the stain and how shiny the clear coat is! You can't find any evidence of damage to the guitar. It looks amazing! Ricki Leigh did a great job and very reasonable price for the quality work in refinishing.

Fractures in the finish and wood.

Guitar sanded and ready to be glued.

The guitar has been stained and feather edged. Now it is masked and ready to be clear coated with nitrocellulose lacquer.

Guitar buffed, rubbed out and polished.