Case Studies

Case Study 5

Fret Dressing
After basic filing of the fret edge to get it level to the sides of the neck it has to be dressed. Here I use a special sloted cover that allows me to dress each fret without digging into the fretboard. Dressing the fret is essentially smoothing out the rough edges left by the files and this special sanding stick puts a nice smooth edge on those frets.

String Height Open
Here the gauge reads @ .015 at the first fret that is now half of the factory set up which was .030 and there is no buzz on the open strings.

String Height 12th Fret
On the 12th fret the new string height is.140 the factory was .160. That's .20 lower than factory so raising the fret height was equal to dropping the string height by the thickness of a low E string at the 12th fret and one and a half E string thickness down to the open string. The playability of this guitar was greatly improved in my opinion, better than any off the rack guitar. So if you have a nice guitar but it you would like it to play easier with less aches in the fingers or hands call or e-mail your questions to me 24/7.