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Lead Guitar

Lesson Styles Offered at Key Note Guitar:

LEAD GUITAR LESSONS - Learn to Play & Compose Lead Guitar for ANY music. All the necessary Scales, Theory, Styles & Technique are here at Key Note Guitar.

FINGERSTYLE/FOLK GUITAR LESSONS - You'll learn to Play & Compose using elements from Classical/Spanish fingerpicking and how to use Jazz Elements in Chord Structures, Open Tunings, Theory and more it's all here at Key Note Guitar.

ROCK GUITAR LESSONS - Learn to Play & Compose Leads that sparkle using Harmonized Chord Elements within the Scale Structure to make your leads REALLY STAND OUT. It's here at Key Note Guitar.

BLUES GUITAR LESSONS - There are many styles of blues and you can learn to Play & Compose them with the right feel. The Licks, Scales, Chords & Theory are waiting for you to make them your own at Key Note Guitar.

JAZZ GUITAR LESSONS - Jazz Elements can be applied to ANY STYLE of Music. Learn the NECESSARY Theory including Chord Extensions, Substitutions & Scales to breathe Life & Color into Your Music; it's all here at Key Note Guitar.

REMEMBER, You Get Practice Drum Metronome Rhythms on CD for a faster learning curve and better timing skills. Also you get a complete backup Band to practice with at home so You are playing Real Music and you get the OPPORTUNITY to Record what you practiced in your lesson with that Band.


Guitars, Amps & Accessories!
Many Major Brands Available: Woody James, Gibson, Epi, Fender, Squires, Ovation, Line 6, Peavey ... Stock and Special Order!


A new student of mine that has never played a guitar before will be able to know the notes on all six strings up and down the fret board and play his/her first composition using all six strings with proper technique by the end of the third lesson.

Service & Repairs

If your guitar needs service, I can service it. If your guitar needs a major repair, I can do that too; but more importantly, if your guitar needs a custom set up or to play as good as a guitar that belongs to a top professional player; I can do this as well.